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Genesis 1: 31- 2: 3

At the end of a week, many people wish they could look back over the week’s work and smile in satisfaction because they have a sense of a worthwhile job completed. But instead, they simply think with relief, “Thank God it’s Friday!” or wish, as Mark Knopfler put it in his song about “Industrial Disease,” that we could “abolish Monday morning and Friday afternoon.” T-Bone Walker was even gloomier: “They call it stormy Monday, yes, but Tuesday’s just as bad.” Wednesday is even worse, and Thursday is no improvement. Friday is payday, so Saturday he can go out to play, but then Sunday he goes to church and kneels down and prays and says, “Lord have mercy; Lord have mercy on me.” Then it’s Monday again, when more people have heart attacks than on any other day. It was of course a girl who made T-Bone gloomy, but his song suggests a common feeling about the dynamics of the week’s work in Western culture...

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