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How Stupid Can Parents Be
Genesis 26:34- 27:33

It’s amazing how foolish we can be as parents. A little while ago my wife and I were having dinner with some friends, and I made some remark about how people are always talking about intimacy and the importance of being relational but that it’s all talk; they all then go back to living in their single apartments. A therapist friend protested, with some anguish arising from her experience with her clients: “But they are disabled for intimacy.” That phrase has stayed with me. What had disabled them? They had never known two parents relating in intimate and committed fashion to one another nor relating in intimate fashion to their children. Even the parents who stayed together (but consider the divorce rate) never had real time for their children because they were so focused on their work—paradoxically, in part because they wanted to be able to provide for their children in the present and in the future. Or maybe they were busy pressuring their children to do really well at school and be involved in lots of activities in the community in order to build up their profile when they applied to college...

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