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The Mystery of Obedience and Disobedience
Deuteronomy 29: 1- 30: 20

My wife and I often used to go for lunch on a Saturday or Sunday to a restaurant hanging over the ocean where you can watch the surf (I have simple tastes), but we would leave in the early afternoon before the place became a “madhouse” (as a server once called it). One Monday I read about a film star and director having gone on a bender at the restaurant after the time we would have left. He then drove up the coastal highway, was pulled over by the police, and got into a lot of trouble with the media for apparently making anti-Semitic remarks. The media were pardonably gloating because he is well-known as a Christian yet is someone who has had a lot of trouble with drinking; one aspect of the occasion’s sadness was that he was not supposed to be drinking at all. How stupid can you get? The answer with respect to all of us is that we can get pretty stupid. You can know the sensible and right thing to do, and be committed to it, yet go and do the opposite...

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