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What Sabbath Worship Looks Like?
Psalm 92

If I am preaching on Sunday, instead of giving a ten- to fifteen-minute sermon after the Scripture readings (Episcopalians are not used to long sermons), I have gotten into the habit of talking for a few minutes after each of the three readings that come from the Old Testament, the Epistles, and the Gospels. I assumed that breaking up the sermon might make it easier for people to listen and to assimilate its message, and I have been encouraged at people’s unsolicited response that it did have that effect. However, I was also encouraged by someone’s comment that she felt she was thereby getting a wider range of teaching—otherwise, she said, the readings just float past people. The main reason for preaching is to get people to change in some way, not merely to learn something—but if they are learning, I am not going to complain...

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