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This monologue covers the visit of angels to Mary and Joseph, the birth with the amazing visits of shepherds and wise men. Then covers the flight to Egypt and Herod's massacre of children and then concludes with the three gifts of the wise men, fit for a King.

JOSEPH’S  STORY  –  A   monologue
INTRO: We have very little directly about Joseph the husband of Mary and father to Jesus in the New Testament, most is only circumstantial evidence as he was present. This monologue considers Joseph’s thoughts that he may have felt and experienced.
JOSEPH: I was betrothed to Mary, whom I had known for a few years. A caring young woman of a good family and deeply faithful to her faith in God. I was a hard working young carpenter and was sure she felt the same about me. We hit it off as soon as we met and were soon head over heels in love. She was the one for me. Then she shocked me. She said she was pregnant without having had intercourse with anyone. She said the child was from God and had been foretold in a vision she had seen. I was stunned, how could it be? I didn’t know what to think, it seemed such a far fetched story, and yet she was an honest girl and I couldn’t believe the worst of her.
In the face of this situation I resolved to break off the engagement quietly because I still loved Mary, and thought perhaps I would help support her when the child was born.
Then I had another shock …


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