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Lent For Everyone

Psalm 95

 A small boy I knew asked his grandfather,
a retired priest, what ‘worship’ meant. The
 old man paused. He was over 80 years
of age, he said; he had been a clergyman
most of his life; and he still found it hard to
say exactly what ‘worship’ meant. Like
someone who takes ten thousand breaths
every day but still couldn’t explain to a
medical student what breathing is or why
it’s important, the old man had worshipped
all his life, and led others to do so, but...

Taken from Lent For Everyone – Matthew Year A by Tom Wright (2011)

Published by SPCK

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The #BigRead2011: meeting together in housegroups to read the Bible,
making use of Tom Wright's Matthew for Lent with opportunities to go
much bigger and much more creative and join in online (inter)nationally.
From quiet sitting rooms with Bibles and books, to coffee shops and
internet chatrooms across the world.

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