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Matthew 24; focused on 24.15 –28

Browsing in an old library the other day, I came upon a book of cartoons from the late nineteenth century. They were political satires, commenting on the affairs of state of the time. Several different politicians were lampooned; all sorts of issues were obviously ‘hot’ at the time, with new laws some didn’t like, the possibility of an unpopular war, and so on. That much I could understand. But beyond that I couldn’t go. I’m not a nineteenth- century historian, and I needed one right then to explain to me why this politician was drawn as a...

Taken from Lent For Everyone – Matthew Year A by Tom Wright (2011)

Published by SPCK

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The #BigRead2011: meeting together in housegroups to read the Bible,
making use of Tom Wright's Matthew for Lent with opportunities to go
much bigger and much more creative and join in online (inter)nationally.
From quiet sitting rooms with Bibles and books, to coffee shops and
internet chatrooms across the world.

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