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Matthew 24; focused on 24.45 –51

I vividly remember my first experience of working on a building site. I was a student, earning some money during the vacation. The work was physically hard – or rather, it would have been if we had kept it up all day. There was an unwritten law that you went at your tasks as slowly as you could, pausing regularly for a rest or a ‘smoke break’, except when the boss showed up. Then, of course, everyone would look brisk and get on as fast as they could. The play-acting would have been comic if the deceit hadn’t been so distasteful. Clearly, from Jesus’
comments about the slaves doing their jobs while...

Taken from Lent For Everyone – Matthew Year A by Tom Wright (2011)

Published by SPCK

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The #BigRead2011: meeting together in housegroups to read the Bible,
making use of Tom Wright's Matthew for Lent with opportunities to go
much bigger and much more creative and join in online (inter)nationally.
From quiet sitting rooms with Bibles and books, to coffee shops and
internet chatrooms across the world.


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