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Matthew 21.1–22; focused on 21.1–17

We reach Palm Sunday in Matthew’s story ten days before we get there in our own Lenten journey. It’s just as well. There is so much packed between Palm Sunday and Good Friday that it’s important to get advance notice of what’s in store. It is one of the great scenes in all scripture. Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey: it could be the climax of an opera, or a Shakespeare play. For Matthew,
though, it’s the climax of a much longer and more complicated story: the whole story of God and...

Taken from Lent For Everyone – Matthew Year A by Tom Wright (2011)

Published by SPCK

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The #BigRead2011: meeting together in housegroups to read the Bible,
making use of Tom Wright's Matthew for Lent with opportunities to go
much bigger and much more creative and join in online (inter)nationally.
From quiet sitting rooms with Bibles and books, to coffee shops and
internet chatrooms across the world.

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