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Monologue: Nathaniel reflects

Looking back on it now, I can’t believe what I said when Philip came running to me on that first day when I met Jesus. Philip was so excited, but the response I gave must have shaken him to the core.

We’d been friends for some time. We’d studied the scriptures together. We’d tried to tease out every last scrap of information about the Messiah - always trying to anticipate the time and the place and how wonderful it would be if he appeared in our own time. We’d spent many long and happy hours talking together, but in secret I think we must both have felt that there was no more likelihood of it happening to us than there had been over the hundreds of past years when other people were waiting for his coming.

But I’d always suspected that we might unravel the secret if we tried hard enough. So that morning I’d been quietly lost in thought again in the shade of our favourite tree.It was a peaceful and well-shaded spot and I was quite content to be alone. It gave me the right atmosphere for thinking – or letting my mind wander. But often, when I allowed my mind to take its own course, that was when I felt closest to God.


©Marjorie Dobson

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