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Monologue: Second place

My name is Barsabbas – no, not Barrabas – not that one, the one who was freed instead of Jesus – no, my name is Barsabbas. Some people know me as Justus. You’ve never heard of me? It’s not surprising really. Who ever takes notice of a runner-up? It’s the winners that people all flock to. They’re the top of the tree, the ones whose names are well known and sound familiar – even if you’re not sure who they are. And I was the runner-up to end all runners-up. Second in the race. Gone and forgotten. Never mentioned again. Sent into oblivion. I suppose, if you’ve got to lose a contest it’s better to make sure it’s one that people won’t remember for long anyway. Not one that will be written into history forever. But that’s what happened to me. I came second in a two-man race – and what a race!  No one else will ever get the chance to run that one again. After all, there can only be one occasion when one of those specially chosen men is replaced. It will never happen again exactly like that.


©Marjorie Dobson

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