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Monologue: The Failing Fig Tree

He’s not a bad boss really. Very fair in the way he treats his workers and very hands-on in the way he walks around to see what’s going on and to make sure there are no problems. But there are times when he has had to make harsh judgements, or sort out major problems, and that doesn’t please everybody. I’m sure you can understand that. Not everybody does – especially not if it’s your job that’s on the line, or he seems to be interfering in the way you’re doing it. Now, I’ve looked after this vineyard for many years.
I was brought up in it, really. It had been my father’s job to keep it going and his father’s before that, so I’ve known the place all my life and know every vine and tree. My mother used to joke that I’d even given some of them names when I was just a little child, trailing round after my father. Apparently I used to say, ‘Let’s go and look at old Eli, Dad,’ or ‘the princess is really green and beautiful today, Dad.’ Dad always knew what I meant and the older workers just used to smile as I went racing past them.


©Marjorie Dobson


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