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The monologue "Thoughts of a Pharisee" can be used separately or with the following talk & challenge.
It is based on Lent 2 year C readings from Luke 13:31-35 (Monologue) & Phillipians 3:17-4:1 (Challenge). Thoughts of a Pharisee considering if he did what was right in telling Jesus the rumours that King Herod wanted to arrest and kill him. It gives the Pharisees views of Jesus and how Jesus reacted and ending with the question, "Who is he...?"
Also includes a possible short talk challenging a congregation to be gathered together, needs photos/pictures.

I have considered so many times, if we did the right thing in warning Jesus about King Herod’s thoughts, his ranting and fears. Well, it’s not something you do lightly and without certain knowledge of the danger. Life has an unhappy knack of turning round and biting you, exposing lies and untruths!
And there in lies the problem, it’s all hearsay; of someone who knows someone else in Herod’s Court who’s heard Herod talking, or it’s one of our own group, a Pharisee, who isn’t fond of Jesus and has an axe to grind. They say Herod is afraid that John the Baptist has risen to life as this Jesus of Nazareth. He rants and raves about him and what he, Herod should do. Should he arrest and perhaps kill him again! But it’s just hearsay, yet dangerous hearsay! So what do you believe? What should you do in such a situation…? And what of me…? Jesus strikes me as a good man who cares; the people love him and hang on his every word … and every miracle. The miracle of 5 loaves and two fish feeding over 5000 people was news everywhere – and went down well!


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