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Prayer: Everything in common

What a great start to a new movement. No one held back. People with money and property put it all into the common purse and those who had nothing knew that they would receive a fair share and would be able to live in peace and harmony, with the same status as everyone else.
Sounds perfect.
Not much like today.

God of justice and equality, help us to find again that true spirit of community that was present in the early Christian church.
We confess that we are caught up in the prevailing mood of the times in which we live.
We are sorry that we put our own welfare and self-indulgent lifestyles far above the genuine needs of other people.
We recognize that we can be prejudiced and arrogant in our attitudes towards those who struggle to cope with life, not knowing the circumstances that have brought them to that state.


©Marjorie Dobson

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