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Prayers: Reasons
(The passage from Joel speaks of dreams and visions.

In 2005 the church I attend, (Westborough Methodist in Scarborough) held a Stewardship campaign and in our publicity we used the title of A CHURCH FOR ALL REASONS.. One of our publications was a prayer-card for everyone and every day, allowing reflection on the church and its purpose in the community. These prayers may be helpful for other churches re-examining their role and their mission.)

Resourceful God, we come to you as we reflect upon our faith and our church life.
Teach us how to see our work and witness through your eyes, so that we may renew our vision for the future. Give us the courage to examine new ways of being church. Help us to renew our prayer life and to focus on those people and situations that are most needy.

Encouraging God, Jesus showed us how to get alongside people to share their suffering and to offer healing. Teach us how to demonstrate this empathy in our attitudes towards others and in our work with them, Grant us the patience to be caring and understanding, so that we may catch the excitement of new hope dawning in troubled lives. Help us to be aware that people will not necessarily come to us, but that we must go to them.


©Marjorie Dobson

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