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Fulfilment of the law and the prophets

Second, this new Teacher of Israel fulfils scripture repeatedly during the opening chapters, and Jesus uses scripture to defeat Satan in the wilderness. Matthew has about sixty references or quotations from the Old Testament – three times as many as Mark. Ten passages are introduced by the phrase ‘this was to fulfil what had been spoken through the prophet’ (the virgin birth, 1.22–23; the flight to Egypt, 2.15; the massacre of infants, 2.17–18; Nazareth, 2.23; living in Galilee, 4.14–16; healing and ministry, 8.17; 12.17–21; parables, 13.35; the entry to Jerusalem, 8.17; 12.17–21; and Judas’ ‘blood money’, 27.9–10). Other passages also refer to the fulfilment of scripture (2.5–6; 13.14–15; 26.54, 56)…

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