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Faith in Alpha

I cannot claim to read Alpha News very often. It can seem too much like propaganda: enthusiastic items about local Alpha groups, which do not always translate into accurate information at local level.

However, just before putting the latest Alpha News into the recycling bin, I noticed a small reference on the front page:

One of Britain’s hardest criminals says ‘My life has totally changed’

I was caught. Alpha News explained inside:

For many years, Shane Taylor, 27, was considered to be one of the most dangerous prisoners in Britain’s jails. Originally jailed for attempted murder, he had his sentence extended by four years when he attacked a prison officer with a broken glass in an incident which provoked a riot. After that, he was sent to some of Britain’s most secure ‘Category A’ prisons, where he was often held in solitary confinement because of his violence towards prison officers. Then, to his surprise, he found himself on a prison Alpha course. It was the beginning of a new life inside – and now outside – prison. (Alpha News, April 2009, p. 5)...

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