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A prayer about seeing the world through God's eyes.


Sometimes, Heavenly Father
The answer has to be 'I don't know'
'I don't know why
there is so much suffering in the world'
'I don't know why
that child was not restored to full health'
'I don't know why
people can be so cruel, uncaring, selfish'
Platitudes cannot console a grieving parent
a starving child
a battered wife.
Sometimes, Heavenly Father
our faith is challenged by this world
a world that is less concerned with others
than with self.
Sometimes, in being honest
we open ourselves to ridicule
The world would prefer certainty
but the only certainty is you
who created humankind with the capacity
for good and ill
and gave the world your Son
whom we crucified.
'I don't know' ......


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