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Meditation – First Sunday in Ordinary Time Year C
Isaiah 43:1-7

Psalm 29
Acts 8:14-17
Luke 3:15-17, 21-22

When the Holy Spirit descended on the Lord Jesus, something new began.

Worshippers of Almighty God already knew about his Spirit. It was the Spirit who had hovered over the waters before Creation began (Genesis 1:2) and the same Spirit who manifested God’s power in Creation. In Psalm 29, David presents a glimpse of God’s Spirit unleashed, thundering over the waters (v3),  shaking the desert (v 8) and – like a hurricane – “twisting the oaks and stripping the forest bare” (v 8-9).  The same Lord “sits enthroned over the flood ... enthroned as King forever” (v10); and in the temple “all cry ‘Glory!’” (v 9)...

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