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Meditation – Second Sunday in Ordinary Time Year C
Psalm 36: 1-5
Isaiah 62: 1-5,10
1 Corinthians 12: 1-11

In chapter 62 of his prophecy, Isaiah turns his attention to Jerusalem – Zion – the capital city of Judah. During his lifetime, Isaiah had witnessed the decline of Jerusalem, from the city of King David, home to the glorious Temple built by Solomon, to a city riven by strife, threatened by enemies, contaminated by pagan practices and characterised by unfaithfulness (Ezekiel 23:4).  As a result Jerusalem was to suffer siege by the Babylonians, capture, destruction and desolation. But Jerusalem had represented God’s reign on earth; the kings of Judah sat on “the LORD’s throne” in Jerusalem, and God is faithful...

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