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Meditation – Palm Sunday Year A
Philippians 2:5-11
Matthew 21:1-11

Matthew’s gospel is about a journey to Jerusalem. Although Luke writes about Jesus’ presentation at the Temple (2:21) - and Jesus must indeed have undergone this ceremony – Matthew makes no mention of it. John sets a visit to Jerusalem at the beginning of Jesus’ ministry (2:13), but again Matthew says nothing about it. Matthew’s only hint that Jesus was in Jerusalem earlier in his ministry is in the story of his temptation where the Devil takes him to the pinnacle of the Temple and challenges him to throw himself down (4:5-6), but this may have been only in a vision, comparable to his view of “all the kingdoms of the world” (4:8-9). From 16:21, however, Matthew makes it plain that Jesus’ purpose is to “go to Jerusalem and suffer many things”...

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