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The Great and the Good
Bible Ref: Matthew 19-20 & 26; Mark 10 & 14; Luke 17-19; John 11 & 12

Each of the following sketches (scenes) can be used to form the basis for a complete act of worship or used as individual scenes on separate occasions. Each scene will require a narrator to read the linking text as well as the characters in the scene itself.

List of scenes:
Lazarus is Raised from the Dead                       
The Resurrection and the Life                            
The Pharisees Plot to Kill Jesus                       
The Ten Lepers                                                    
The Return of the Son of Man                             
The Persistent Widow and the Unjust Judge        
The Pharisee and the Tax Collector                   
Marriage and Divorce                                         
Blessing the Children                                          
The Rich Young Leader
A Camel through the Eye of a Needle
The Workers in the Vineyard – the Last will be First
James and John and Their Mother's Request
The Greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven
Blind Bartimaeus  
At the House of Zacchaeus
Ten Minas and Ten Servants   
Mary Anoints Jesus

Ten Minas and Ten Servants

Jesus: Listen! Another story for you. There was a once a royal nobleman…

Nobleman: Right! Listen up everyone. I’m off to a distant part of the country – I have to make a long journey and it will take some time. I am to be crowned king of the entire country – so I must go to the capital. In the meantime I’m going to distribute part of my wealth amongst you and I expect each of you to use it wisely and increase it for me. Got it?

Jesus: They had got it. He gave ten of his servants ten minas each. And he left. When he came back he called the servants before him, one at a time.

Nobleman: Right! Let’s see how you all did.

1st Servant: Sir – you gave me ten minas – I’ve used them to earn ten more. Here’s twenty.

Nobleman: Well done! You have been faithful with this small matter – so, now that I am running the country I am free to give you jurisdiction over – not ten minas – but ten cities. That’s promotion for you. Well done! Thank you for your faithful service. Next!

2nd Servant: Sir, I invested your money and have made another five minas for you.

Nobleman: Good man! Not as many as the first servant but that’s all right – from now on you will be running five cities. Next!

3rd Servant: Sir, here it is.

Nobleman: Here’s what?



Permission is hereby given for this material to be performed before a live non-paying audience or for any non-profit or charitable occasion.  This sketch may be printed by the purchaser for use by amateurs within their organisation only on condition that such copies are not given, lent or sold to any other organisation or individual. Reproduction or transmission in any form or by any means other than stated above is forbidden without written permission from the publisher: Active Media Publishing Ltd, 71 Lowther Road, Dunstable, Bedfordshire LU6 3LN  Tel: 01582 603413 


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