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Short sketch to illustrate that we might get prizes for faith, knowledge and generosity, but without love they are worthless

The Church award ceremony
Simple sketch requiring 4 actors in addition to the worship leader, only one of whom has a speaking part.  
The names of the prize recipients can obviously be changed to suit gender and to avoid names of the
congregation.  Please feel free to edit this sketch to suit.
Take care to ensure it  does not seem to mock those who work hard for the church.  Make sure it’s played for  
laughs, and that the only humility “Henry Hardwork” displays is of the obviously false variety!

Props:  Awards (certificates / trophies / rosettes / medals) Cards in envelopes
Worship Leader  Today we have a bit of a surprise for you.  The Church Leadership Team has been trying to think of ways to inspire the congregation.  We know that many of you will remember prize-giving from your days at Sunday School.  So we’ve decided to introduce church awards.  The
Leadership Team have met to decide upon the categories and vote on the winners.  So now I’d like to introduce …….. to present the awards.
Announcer Thankyou very much.  It’s a great honour to be asked to do this.  It makes me feel as though I’m hosting the Oscars.  And I know they always start off with a joke.  So here’s mine:  Why do people think of church as a giant helicopter?.....because they’re afraid that if they get too close they’ll get sucked in by the rotas! (Boom Boom!)
I’m going to be helped this morning by my glamorous assistant (name) who’s going to be awarding the actual prizes.  So, here we go.


Rachel Parkinson 2013

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