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Triumph, Tears and Talents
Bible Ref: Matthew 21-26; Mark 11-14; Luke 19-22; John 11&12

Each of the following sketches (scenes) can be used to form the basis for a complete act of worship or used as individual scenes on separate occasions. Each scene will require a narrator to read the linking text as well as the characters in the scene itself.

List of scenes:
Psalm Sunday - The Disciples Fetch a Donkey
The Triumphant Entry
The Pharisees Complain
Jesus Weeps for Jerusalem
Jesus Curses the Fig Tree
Jesus Cleanses the Temple
The Fig Tree Withered
Some Greeks Come Looking for Jesus
The Pharisees Question Jesus's Authority
The Parable of the Two Sons
The Evil Tenants
The False Witness – The Plot to Kill Jesus
The Great Banquet (2)
The Question about Paying Taxes
The Greatest Commandment
The Poor Widow's Expensive Offering
The Destruction of the Temple
The End of the World
The Parable of the Talents
The Sheep and the Goats
Judas Offers to Betray Jesus 

The False Witnesses – The Plot to Kill

Jesus Caiaphas: Get me witnesses! We know he’s been blaspheming all over the place! Someone must have heard! If we can prove that, we have him! Get me someone who’ll testify!

Annas: I have! I’ve found three witnesses.

Caiaphas: Really? And they’ll testify?

Annas: They say they have evidence.

Caiaphas: Where are they?

Annas: The guards have them now, they’re outside, waiting to see you.

Caiaphas: Then what are you waiting for? Send them in!

Annas: Guards! Bring in the witnesses. That’s it line up there in front of Caiaphas.

Caiaphas: Okay simmer down, simmer down. Now we have to convict this Jesus of Nazareth, and we have to do it quick. You understand? He’s very clever. My guess is we’ll only get one chance and I don’t want any mistakes. A quick two and a half minutes and I want him done for blasphemy. Got it?

First Witness: Well, sort of…I…



Permission is hereby given for this material to be performed before a live non-paying audience or for any non-profit or charitable occasion.  This sketch may be printed by the purchaser for use by amateurs within their organisation only on condition that such copies are not given, lent or sold to any other organisation or individual. Reproduction or transmission in any form or by any means other than stated above is forbidden without written permission from the publisher: Active Media Publishing Ltd, 71 Lowther Road, Dunstable, Bedfordshire LU6 3LN  Tel: 01582 603413 


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