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11th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Reading: Mark 4: 26-34
‘The Kingdom of God is like this..’


It’s said that ‘small is beautiful’.
Small is also wonderful!

Jesus used the growth of tiny seed
to picture the boundless growth
of God’s kingdom.

Small things can make a big difference:

 a word of encouragement; 
      a friendly smile; 
           a thoughtful prayer; 
               a loving gesture; 
                     a helping hand; 
                           a step in the right direction. 

Mother Teresa once said:
‘Don’t look for big things

just do small things with great love… 

the smaller the thing,

the greater must be our love’ 

‘Not all of us can do great things,

 but we can do small things with great love’ 

It’s amazing
how the smallest initiative can grow
and become a blessing to many.

Small can be powerful!

Suggested Response

Appreciate the little things in life. Don’t take everyday things for granted.
Help to address a big problem by taking a small initiative.

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