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Mark For Everyone

MARK 4.26–34
More Seed Parables...

...I have always enjoyed listening to good choirs. I have even, on rare occasions, sung in one or two, in fear and trembling lest my amateur ability should reveal itself by a wrong note, a fluffed entry, or – that dread moment for all irregular singers – keeping the sound going a second too long after everyone else has fallen silent.

When you audition for a choir, often the conductor will ask you to pick notes out of a chord. Here is a chord of three, four or five notes; you can hear it all together, but can you hear the notes individually, and sing each in turn? It’s often quite a test.

Something like that is involved in learning to read Jesus’ parables. We can all see the surface meaning of the story: in this case, the secret growth of a seed, or the small seed that produces a big bush...

Taken from Mark for Everyone by Tom Wright

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