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The widow of Nain- challenging the rules!
With torn-cloth sorrow
And inconsolable agony
The deed had to be done-
For the repose of the body of
a much grieved for son.
The sun sank in the horizon
With the sinking of heart-
How would she ever manage?
How could she ever make a new start?
And as one sun sank and took its repose
Another son drew near
Towards the stench of decompose.
Near with His followers
and those who walked in fear-
A bed for the night,
Their selfish agenda very clear.
But the Son looked on,
Looked on with great pity-
A glimpse of the future
His own broken mother-
grieving in Jerusalem city-
And it flashed before His eyes
He was here to bring hope;
so hands reached into death
An action that provoked.
Stepping outside of the norm
Into the bowels of death
The words he spoke were the living breath.
A young man restored to fullness of life
Returned to his mother- fully alive!
There are those who still find
His actions a great pity
For He walks unconstrained,
Not ruled by a “vigilance committee.”
And you, do you
dip your hands into the stench of “decompose”
To bring life in the knowledge that both these Sons rose.
Or do you want, the bindings of the shroud to remain
For the Spirit to be buried and “safely” retained
so that decay and destruction can be worshipped and glorified
at the tomb of closed doors with fullness of life forever denied?

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