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Pentecost - Year B

Service Contains:

Hymn: Into a world of dark or This awesome world that fills us with amazement

Prayer: God, who breathed life

Reading: Acts 2:1-21

Hymn: There’s a spirit in the air or Simultaneous translation

Psalm 104:24-34, 35b

Reading: Ezekiel 37:1-14

Hymn: Our blest Redeemer, ere he breathed or Look: gnawed and bleached, dismembered bones

Reading: Romans 8:22-27

Poem: Despair

Reading: John 15:26-27; 16:4b-15

Sermon idea 1: Poem: Too much to take in

Sermon idea 2: Poem: To dish the dirt we need to know

Hymn: Gracious Spirit, Holy Ghost or Upon this groaning, quaking earth


Hymn: Sing to him in whom creation or Searing incandescent spirit

Blessing: We go into our everyday world

Andrew Pratt (born 1948)
Words © Stainer & Bell Ltd, London, England,
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