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Full Service Proper 28 (33) - Year C

Service contents:

(Additional resources for Remembrance Sunday can be found elsewhere on the website and two
hymns and a poem are added at the end of this order of service.

Hymn: Jesus,stand among us or God is here, as we his people or A house of prayer, where all
may come

Prayer: Welcoming God

Reading: Isaiah 65:17–25

Hymn: Great is the darkness that covers the earth or I cannot tell, why he, whom angels worship
or Here is love - the prophet’s promise!

Reading: Luke 21:5-19

Sermon idea: Dialogue/drama: Trouble for the future

Hymn: Community of Christ or The Church’s one foundation or Things we thought were firm

Reading: 2 Thessalonians 3:6-13

Reflection: We were not idle

Hymn: God weeps or We turn to you, O God of every nation or God’s name still echoes round the

Responsive prayer: When we are swept along

Hymn: Come, build the Church – not heaps of stone or God of grace and God of glory or Hope is
built in present moments

Blessing: We go into our everyday world…

Remembrance Sunday – additional resources

Hymn: Remembrance

Hymn: By a monument of marble

Poem: Foreign Fields

Andrew Pratt (born 1948)
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