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The Law and the Spirit
Galatians 5.13-21

In the middle of Oxford University there stands a wonderful building, surrounded by well-kept grass. The building is a library, circular in shape, topped by a great dome. It is beautiful inside and out. People photograph it, paint it, admire it. It is called the Radcliffe Camera.

The grass that surrounds the building used to be protected with high railings – so high, in fact, that unless you were quite tall they would obscure your view of the building itself. During the Second World War, however, the government commanded that ironwork like that be taken away and melted down to make armaments. Suddenly the Radcliffe Camera, and its grass, were free from what (to judge from old pictures) was a rather forbidding barricade. During the 1950s and 1960s, there were small notices requesting people not to walk on the grass. Mostly, people obeyed...

Taken from Paul for Everyone Galatians and Thessalonians – by Tom Wright

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