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Locusts and Fiery Riders
Revelation 9

It is already dark outside, and the wind is getting stronger. You are getting up to close the curtains when all the lights go out: a power failure. As you stumble your way to the cupboard by the back door in search of candles, you sense a cold wind coming at your face: the door is open! What’s going on? Then you hear it: a low, growling, grinding sound, not far away. Grabbing a candle, you strike a match. The wind blows it out, but not before you catch a glimpse of Something just outside the door. Like a large dog, but . . . another match, you get the candle lit, but you wish you hadn’t. It isn’t a dog. It’s—you don’t know what it is. It’s a monster! It’s getting bigger! It’s got huge teeth, enormous black wings, a long, spiky tail! You try to slam the door, but it’s too late . . .

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