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New Jerusalem
Revelation 21.6-21

When people decide they are going to read the Bible, they often begin, naturally enough, with the book of Genesis. Encouraged by the fast-paced story with its drama, incident and passion, they often move on to the book of Exodus, expecting more of the same. And to begin with they are not disappointed. In fact, the first 20 chapters of that 40-chapter book are just as full of drama, if not more so.

But then the trail appears to go cold. Suddenly we hit a seam of detailed instructions about what to do if you want to sell your daughter as a slave (21.7), what happens when an ox gores someone to death (21.28), what you should do when your enemy’s donkey has collapsed (23.5), and so on. Interesting in their way, but not quite what one had expected. Not such fun. And so some give up, and abandon the quest for whole-Bible reading...

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