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Stephen Tells the Story
Acts 7.1-16

One of the most obvious differences between cricket and baseball is the way the ball is projected towards the person who is trying to hit it. As most people will know, the person who ‘pitches’ in baseball stands on a single spot, where he (or she; but let’s stick with professional male sport for the sake of argument) swings round and hurls the ball, with a jerky movement of the arm, towards the person with the bat. In cricket, that would be strictly illegal: not the standing on one spot, but the jerk of the arm. That’s ‘throwing’. In cricket, you have to ‘bowl’, with the arm coming over straight all the time, like the top part of a wheel, letting go of the ball just after the highest point so that it comes from there down towards the batsman...

Taken from Acts for Everyone Part 1 by Tom Wright

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