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Hymn: A topsy, turvy, upturned world

Proper 20 Year A
Matthew 20:1-16

A topsy, turvy, upturned world,
where values are distorted,
the first is last and last is first
with everything contorted.
The rich are begging at the door
while ones they were despising
are given charge of Godly wealth,
in stature they are rising.

Magnificat has come to stay,
the proud have been extinguished;
the humble poor are lifted high,
their poverty relinquished...


September 18 2011, 14th Sunday after Pentecost, hymn, topsy turvy, upside
down, Magnificat, wealth, poverty, humble, proud, hyposcrisy, acceptance,
crisis, decision, divisions


Andrew Pratt (born 1948)

Words © Stainer & Bell Ltd, London, England,

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