Heaven - Kindle

author: Paula Gooder
contributor: SPCK - Paula Gooder

ISBN: 978-0-281-06681-0

Paula Gooder considers the ways in which the Bible sees heaven and earth connecting, and explores all the major strands of belief about life after death, including the role of paradise, and what happens between death and resurrection.

She shows how the biblical writers see heaven and earth as closely connected, so that what happens in heaven affects events on earth and vice versa.

"In this profound, lucid and compassionate book, Paula Gooder demonstrates that heaven is not a vague future hope but the presence of the God who made heaven and earth. . . The concept of heaven that is just about the fate of the pious individual after death is a meagre diet compared with the feast that this book lays before us: heaven and earth renewed, restored and reconnected."
Jane Williams, author of Lectionary Reflections

Version: e-book - Kindle

E-ISBN: 978-0-281-06681-0

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