The eucharistic liturgy is a rich feast of biblical allusions and theological ideas. Yet we can all too easily miss the depth and the breadth of many of the scriptural references simply because we do not take the time to reflect on the words being used.

In this book, a biblical scholar and a liturgist set out together to examine the eucharistic texts of Common Worship, Order 1. The majority of these are used not only in the Church of England but also in Christian churches throughout the world. As Paula Gooder and Michael Perham demonstrate, there is hardly a sentence in the liturgy that does not echo the Scriptures. The authors tell the story of how the texts came to be in their current form, and explore their biblical resonances and theological significance.

By helping us to understand the history and theology of the Eucharist, and by drawing us into the majesty and beauty of its language, Echoing the Word enhances and enriches our experience of hearing, singing and saying the liturgy week by week.

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