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Advent Candle Liturgy – to accompany the hymn the Holly & the Ivy

Advent 1
We light today our 1st red candle remembering all Gods people. People who are experiencing life in all its complexities and still find their faith in you.
Light candles
Response – Remind us Lord that we are your people. Encourage us to support and care for one another with the Love that you would have us share.

Advent 2
We light today our 2nd red candle of advent remembering the prophets who told of the coming of the Christ-child. They were ready for his coming and waited throughout the ages urging others to do likewise.
Light Candle
Response – Remind us Lord to be like the prophets of old. Sure in the knowledge of your love, ready to wait and ready to encourage others.

Continues in the same format for:
Advent 3-John the Baptist
Advent 4-Mary
Christmas Day-The Christ- child. Emmanuel.

Jane Bingham 2012

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