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Liturgy to accompany the lighting of the advent ring based on Hope, Peace, Joy & Love

Advent liturgy - Hope Peace Joy Love

Sunday 1 – Hope
Today we light a candle of Hope. Not just the kind of hope based in a dream-world but the real Christian hope based on the knowledge of God’s continuing love for us offered through Jesus.
As we light the candle we pause for a moment and think quietly about those struggling with life and for whom hope seems to have faded.

Light candle and be quiet for a moment

Remind us that in advent we think of the gift of Jesus who brings hope to the world even now. Encourage us again to focus on that hope.

Response – Lord we come to you reminded of that hope offered by the Christ-child. Teach us to trust you again and to share that hope with all we meet in this advent season. Amen
Continues with:

Sunday 2 Peace - Sunday 3 - Joy - Sunday 4 Love and Chrsitmas Day

Jane Bingham (2012/13)

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