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Barley Bread

contributor: Peter Barber


The reader and the hearer are invited to see themselves as the barley bread in John's account of the feeding of the 5000. The reading needs to be carefully paced to reflect the unfolding narrative. I have found it best to not give an introduction when using it and not to comment after but to allow silence for the words and image to speak into the heart of a congregation.

You are the Barley Bread in the Kingdom of God! You are a bit fishy too!
I am Barley Bread.
Barley Bread
- poor people’s bread
- plain and simple
- poor people’s bread
but I was lovingly made!
pummelled well and left to rise
baked just right
- the smell was wonderful in the early morning air.
the day began early
there was something different about the day
the boy seemed excited
over excited if you want my opinion
(not that anyone wants Barley Bread’s opinion!)
the boy could hardly wait for his mum to pack me up
less hurry I thought
nice bit a fish
that’ll help keep me a bit moist
add a bit of flavour too
not much flavour in Barley Bread you see.

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