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Better with Abraham and Sarah than in Egypt
Genesis 16: 8-16

Toward the last years of my time as a seminary principal in England, the demands of the job took a toll on me. One reason you get paid more if you are the boss of anything is that you are the person who lies awake at night worrying about its destiny. If there are problems, they are your fault for not anticipating them, and it is your responsibility to see they get solved. Things were complicated by my wife’s being disabled. When I went home in the evening, I went from one situation where I had responsibility to another where I had responsibility. The seminary did not “ill-treat” me at all; it did its best to make life as manageable as possible for me. But in the end, I was the principal, and I was also the husband and father. One year I remember saying to God, “I can’t do this any more.” God said, “Tough. You are going to have to. But I will be your strength.” And God was (and then gave me permission the next year to put in my resignation.)...

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