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Joan brings her Grandad an expensive but unsuitable 75th Birthday present. Cousin Mary's on the other hand is thoughtful, appropriate and hand made with love.

This sketch has been used at All Age Worship, as a discussion starter which draws out the points that gifts need to be appropriate, thoughtful and for the benefit of the receiver. It would be suitable for Advent and Christmas as well as Pentecost where
the focus would be on the gift of the Holy Spirit. The Bible reference most obviously appropriate is 2 Corinthians 9:7 (cheerful giver).

Drama – Gracious Giving
Characters- Grandad, Mum, Joan and a Narrator
Props- A small gift wrapped box
A knitted scarf
Also desirable, but not essential are an electric razor within the box, a small table of gifts and a long false beard.

Narrator It’s Grandad’s 75th birthday and his grand-daughter Joan is on her way with her mum to the family get-together. They are taking a present.
Joan Why do we have to go? Its not as if it’s 80th
Mum Because he’s my daddy and he loves you very much. And anyway he might not be here in 5 years time.
Joan (impatiently) Are we staying long?
Mum Just for the afternoon.
Joan Will cousin Mary be there?
Mum I expect so.
Joan She stinks!
Mum That’ll do Joan. Even if it were true, which it isn’t, don’t dare mention it. And remember her family are not as well off as us.


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