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The room and the keys

The Hebrew has passed on a beautiful tradition to us; it has to do with divine Scripture in its entirety. According to this man, all of divinely inspired Scripture, because of the obscurity that is in it, can be compared to many locked rooms in a house. Next to each room is a key, but it is not the key for that room. The keys are all distributed next to the rooms, but none of them matches the room near which it is placed. The Hebrew says that it is a very difficult task to find the keys and match them with the doors they will open. Similarly, we come to understand the Scriptures that are obscure precisely when we start by placing them alongside one another, because they have their own interpretative principle hidden in their midst. I think the Apostle also suggests a similar method for understanding the divine words when he says: ‘We speak of these things in words not taught by human wisdom but taught by the Spirit, comparing spiritual things with spiritual things’ (1 Cor. 2.13)…

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