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Seeing God
EXODUS 24: 1- 18

A Christian song by Michael W. Smith called “Open the Eyes of My Heart, Lord” declares, “I want to see You; to see You high and lifted up, shinin’ in the light of Your glory.” Another song, “I Want to Know You,” by Andy Park, several times repeats the plea, “I want to see your face.” When singing these songs, I am always also asking myself what I mean, and what the other people in the congregation mean. I guess I do know what we mean; that opening line “Open the eyes of my heart” tells me. We are asking for an inner sense of being in God’s presence. Other songs rejoice in the idea of seeing the Lord “face to face” at the resurrection. There is also a visionary kind of seeing the Lord, a sense of physically seeing. Then there is the more literal physical seeing that the disciples experienced...

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