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How Do You Know?
Genesis 15: 8-15

A friend of mine has been in the process of falling in love with someone he met through an online dating service. She lives in a city some way away, far enough to make driving there for the weekend possible but not much fun, so he often flies, but it’s complicated trying to develop a relationship this way. It was even trickier when she had to tell him over the phone a little while ago that she had acquired some strange physical symptoms that the doctors were puzzled by and worried about and that they wanted to admit her to the hospital so they could investigate them. He was not scheduled to visit her the next weekend, but of course he did, driving all those hours. It was odd, he told me, how he enjoyed the tedious drive, how lovely the countryside looked, and how he stayed in conversation with God about what was going on. When he was there, not only was their own relationship blossoming; their shared relationship with God was growing stronger as they were driven into more trust in God...

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