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Monologue: Fasting – an alternative view to Isaiah 58. 1-9a

I always say there’s nothing like a good day’s fasting to clear out the system, especially right after a few feast days. Doesn’t do you any harm. I mean, you’ve already over-eaten and drunk too much wine, so what’s the harm in staying off food for twenty-four hours?
You feel such a lot better for it and it’s a very religious thing to do as well. Surely it must count for a few more points on your total on the righteous side of life?
But while I’m fasting I don’t allow that to be an excuse for anyone to take advantage and have an easy day of it. Life has to go on. I expect all
my household to be working as normal – in fact I expect them to be working even harder than normal while I’m doing my goody-goody bit.


©Marjorie Dobson

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