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Moses asks, ‘Now what?’

I really have had it up to here with these people. They just have no idea how to behave. You’d
think they’d be grateful to be free and out in the desert being guided by God to their Promised
Land, but, oh no! That’s not their way. They’re either looking back nostalgically to ‘the good
old days in Egypt’, or they’re moaning and grumbling about the conditions they’re living in
now. Or they decide they just want to stay where they are and join in with the people around
them and forget about God altogether.

I know I’ve been up this mountain a long time. But you should see how many instructions God
has been giving me about behaviour and buildings and rules and regulations. My head’s
absolutely buzzing with all the different things I’ve been told to do. And I have to carry those
two great big pieces of stone all the way back down the mountain, just so that the people can
see what God has written as their basic ten rules for living. It’s been an amazing experience
and I do feel very privileged to be up here – not many people get the chance to talk to God in
such a personal way. But it’s a tremendous responsibility as I knew well that it would be.
That’s why I tried to ignore God when I was called over to that burning bush all that long time
ago. I knew it would mean facing up to all kinds of difficulties and dangers and I didn’t want to
have anything to do with it. But when God calls …


©Marjorie Dobson

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