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contributor: Christine King


Inspector needs a suit and a black clipboard. God can be anything he or she likes!

Inspector: Good Morning.

God: Good Morning. Can I help you?

Inspector: I’m from Ofgod.

God: Ofgod?

Inspector: You’ve heard of Ofsted, Ofcom, etc?

God: Yes ….

Inspector: Well I’m from Ofgod. We inspect gods. Shall I make a start?

God: If you must….

Inspector: [Checking list] Right – long, flowing beard …. I notice you don’t have one.

God: I’m God, not Noah.

Inspector: Mm-hmm. And neither are you wearing a nightie. According to my notes, you should have a long, flowing beard and be wearing a nightie.

God: Nighties aren’t really in right now.

Inspector: “In”? Are you telling me you think gods should be “in”? [Taps pen on clip board] My notes tell me gods should be traditional.

God: But I am always new.

Inspector: I see. So there’s a lack of consistency in your approach? You’re always changing?

God: I don’t change, but as people get to know me better, they learn more about me, and see how I can meet their needs today.


Christine King
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