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Based on the passage in Matthew 15 where Jesus encounters the Canaanite woman. Lectionary Proper 15A.

Point of view retelling of the story for use as reflection or dramatisation.

Includes 3 pages -
1st As seen (reflection)
2nd Printer friendly version of first page
3rd Notes for usage

Part of set - including reflection on Romans 11, background image for Matthew, background image for Romans & title image.

Introverted Inheritance 
The Canaanite woman - Matthew 15: 21-28

She was an old lady now, known for being the female dog, an image she had taken for her child, an image she stood proudly with. Her neighbours thought she was crazy, I mean who would want to be known like that, that derogatory, and who would admit that to her child. but it was the only inheritance she claimed. She had arrived in Gennesaret after hearing the spreading news. The men there had large mouths and it had not been long before the place was crowded with rumours of the healer mingled with genuine miracles, the locations of the man himself became mini legends. She worked her way through many, standing on the edge, these were not her people, she had no
right to ask. She heard the tales of those who had once been inflicted, saw the faces of the Pharisees who had challenged him and the whispers of what he had replied. Of those who had not been healed, many had been fed, at first she thought that some allusion to the teaching, then came to realise that this man had literally fed the masses, four thousand was the most common number banded about.

How blessed these people were, she wondered if they realised it.
That day had passed and she was growing tired, this Jesus had disappeared again it seemed. Her thoughts of home were heavy, her small bundle under the blankets. The road toward Tyre and Sidon was quiet, full of the dust she would carry home, to hold her daughter.


© Kate Abbott : Jun 11

Notes for Reflection
This reflection is a general resource for the lectionary Proper week 15 year A or any other time of the year when you are for some reason using the reading. It is based on the passage in Matthew Chapter 15 where Jesus encounters a Canaanite woman who seeks healing for her daughter from the reluctant messiah of the Jews. Through her determination and faith Jesus grants her wish.
The dialogue is entirely fictional, though it is supposed to be believable and based on the clues left for us in the surrounding passages where possible.
It can be used as a monologue reading, either as a storyteller with a suitable image shown for the woman, or by a woman playing the part
with the text converted to first person.

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