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Lectionary reflections - Year A
Sundays Before Advent
The Fourth Sunday Before Advent

Micah 3.5–12
1 Thessalonians 2.9–13
Matthew 24.1–14

‘That was a really depressing morning,’ said one disciple to another, leaning back in the sparse shade of the olive tree to keep out of the midday sun.

‘Yes,’ agreed another. ‘I’m thinking of packing it in. I can’t see that he’s ever going to show his hand and lead us all to power.’

‘But that’s just what he said would happen,’ chipped in a third. ‘He said that some of our hearts will grow cold, and that we’ll stop being his followers.’

‘He didn’t mean us,’ retorted the first disciple. ‘As far as I could tell, he seems to think all of this could go on for generations, getting worse and worse.’

‘And why does he have to keep annoying the Pharisees if he isn’t going to take them on properly?’ murmured the second disciple, discontentedly. ‘He’ll just get us all into trouble for no good reason.’

The little group sat back, hot and angry, contemplating the morning they had just had. First of all, Jesus had got into yet another slanging match with the Pharisees, one of the worst of the increasingly hostile encounters between them...

Taken from Lectionary reflections year A by Jane Williams - Published by SPCK

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