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It's Not Fair

contributor: Paul Glass


Matthew Ch. 20 vs. 1-16

It’s not fair!

Now let’s get this straight – I think I’m quite a reasonable person. Ask anybody. My wife for example, Betty, she’ll say to me, ‘Ephraim,’ she’ll say, ‘sometimes I think you are the most reasonable man alive.’ And everybody else says so too.
And I’m a hard worker. I’ll work and work – through the heat of the day. With the dust and the flies and what not. That’s me, Ephraim, the reasonable, hard working man. But when he gave us all the same amount of money for the days’ work I began to see red. ‘Now see here,’ I said, ‘just see here – this is just not fair, not fair at all.’ I mean it’s hardly my fault that some people can’t get down to the village market place for the beginning of the day is it?


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